Content Strategy – Module 4

In order to have a successful social media campaign there is a lot of planning execution that has to be done.  By understanding the different aspects, approaches and uses of social media this can be properly achieved. Each social media platform has to be analyzed different and approached in a unique way. Some are image based others are text based and some are a mixture of the two.  By have sufficient knowledge in how each platform reaches the audience/ customer the more power the brand and company have in creating specific messages.smframework2

From this image it is evident that there are several aspects that go into engaging and creating social media content. The two being engagement and strategy development. With social media it is crucial to create captivating and informative content that is also engaging for audiences. This chart breaks this down and shows how to do it. Strategy development includes: Prioritizing objectives, establish governance and defining activities. Engagement includes: listening, engaging in conversation and measuring and refining. After each are broken down they are broken down even further so you know exactly what each component consists of and how to complete that portion. By having each step explained thoroughly it allows for the user to get a full grasp on why each step is crucial to the process. This specific image is quite detailed and I believe does a very good job at breaking down the different approaches and showing in detail what needs to be done to create content. Content strategy is crucial in the success of the campaign.



The impact that different strategies have on the strategy is another way the company or organization values the use of these tools.  This image displays and places the outcome of the approach by the value it has on the revenue and bottom line, the return on investment. Looking at the image it shows that brand awareness has the most impact on this.  This is because it takes a lot to ensure that your brand or product is recognized and known by consumers.  Without having that awareness you are not able to sell your product. Next is brand affinity, which is the relationship between the organization and the customer. By building and maintaining the relationship they are able to create a loyal customer. Interest and support is next. The organization has to create a spark of interest of the customer or else there is no one to sell to. By having an interesting product or approach that will help to build that interest and support. Desire and reach is the number of interested customers and supporters an organization is able to create. The reach that a specific form of media or social media is able to reach will help determine if this route is profitable for the company to invest in. When examining this image I believe that it does a good job of showing the level of profit that each approach to giving to the company and the impact on the bottom line. However I think that there are additional aspects that could be considered in making a campaign successful.


Creating content for social media posts can be difficult because there are several different things to consider.  This image shows that the four aspects to consider are: content, conversation, community and connections.  Breaking it down like this it shows, simply, what is important in social media posts. Being able to create content that is appealing to audiences.  Being able to create content that evokes conversation and engagement of the users.  Building a community of organizations and users that are interested in the same ideas and products you have and endorse. Building a connection with users that will allow for further interactions and interests. The image also shares stats on what some strategies have deemed successful and what is important in that category for you to consider. Overall I think this an image that simplifies the strategy into four aspects that someone building a campaign can easily follow.


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