Is Twitter Promotion Worth It? – Module 2

Twitter is known to be a great social media platform that allows its users to express a message that is straight to the point, providing all the details of the message in 140 characters.  It has become a great outlet for organizations and brands to promote themselves and a way for their customers and consumers to interact and build relationships, one to one with them.

Reviewing some statistics about Twitter’s 2015 year, it is quite evident that the platform has gained users and have allowed for strong engagements between its users. The increased number of users is just one of the reasons that it is beneficial for any organization to invest in promoting themselves on this outlet.  Examining some of the increase in sales that other organizations have experience is the main reason that promotion of Twitter should be looks at a very valuable way for a company to gain exposure and promote themselves.

Promoted Tweets are a great way for an organization to reach a large group of people and gain exposure.  Something like a sale or a promotion is something that this is great to use for.  There is a range in price for something like these however it seems to pay off for the organizations. Users are able to favorite or retweet the tweet which continues to expand the exposure that this one tweet is able to get. However, since that this tweet will only appear once on someone’s timeline it is important to have it timed properly when many users are online and able to see it or else it will get mixed in with every other tweet.

Promoted Trends are and even better way to get a message across.  This allows for an extension of the Promoted Tweet and in the long run looks to be a better investment. This also varies in price based on the needs of the organization.  The trend stays on the trending list all day and also allows for occasional tweets to be tweeted throughout the day. Something like this provides an outlet and sparks conversations within users.  The more people tweet about it the more other users will want to tweet about it and get involved in conversation.

The other form of promotion on twitter is through Promoted Accounts. Again this is a way that varies in price based on the number of following users.  This allows for users to be suggested to follow the organizations account. This allows for an organization to gain followers quickly which then allows the users to engage in other tweets that the brand is talking about.

In my opinion I believe that for an organization to spend money on something like this is money well spent.  It allows for them to get exposure to the millions of Twitter followers and gain traffic to their tweets, accounts and topics of conversation and every bit of exposure helps to build a brand. The payoff based on the money spent is well worth it.

Below are some blog posts and articles that talk about the effect and uses of Twitter promotion.


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