The Value of Social Media in Public Relations – Module 1

Social Media has become a valuable tool in the public relations field that many companies are beginning to realize and take advantage of.  The reach and impact that these tools have created have increased the audiences that companies and brands are able to influence and impact.

I believe that learning about each tool and how each tool can be used differntly and with the most impact the value is priceless.  Yes, social media can be viewed as a tool that many view as a way for people to post about their lives. But when used properly and with the right strategy the effectiveness of these tools is endless. Each form of social media has a different use and different way of expressing its message, whether it is through images, video, text or verbal communication.  Each one draws to different audiences and with the advancements of social media and the expansion of knowledge of it through different age groups it can be used to appeal to each group.

With the experience and knowledge I have about each of the social media platforms, I feel comfortable using them.  But through this course I know that will learn extensively the use of the platforms and the effects and impact that they can have.  Having the background knowledge of their uses and potential will help in building social media strategies that will be effective.

Below are some articles that I found interesting and addressed the importance of social media in an industry like public relations.

Forbes – Social Media Strategies

Forbes- Social Media Benefits

Cision – How Social Media Changed PR


2 thoughts on “The Value of Social Media in Public Relations – Module 1

  1. andrewplantblog says:

    Hey Vanessa,

    Great post. I love how right away you point out that many companies are just now (in 2016) beginning to realize the power and influence of social media platforms. Social media has become such a powerful tools for any company, brand, or organization. If I want to learn more about a company, one of the first things I do is check out their Facebook page. If I find out that said company does not have a Facebook page (yes, it still happens!), I tend to lose interest pretty quickly. Today’s digital landscape is such that people (including companies) need to adapt, get with the times, or GTFO.

    I agree that each social media tool (I’m assuming you mean platform) is different, and when developing a strategy it must be built around this simple fact. I’ve seen companies repeatedly make the mistake of posting the exact same messages (no change) across three or four different platforms. The message is horribly disseminated, disjointed, and not optimized for individual platforms.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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